PNH Source

A digital refresh for red blood cell experts

My Role

As the UX Designer, I worked with a scientific writer and UI designers to reimagine a new website that visually aligned with PNH Source's expertise in a blood disease called PNH (Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria).

Skills Involved: IA, Wireframing, User Testing
Launch Date: June 2022
Agency: VMLY&R

laptop and mobile mockup of PNH Homepage

PNH is a blood disease where parts of the immune system attack abnormal red blood cells, which causes them to burst. The site encourages doctors to perform early diagnosis and highlights an incoming patient's journey.

iPhone users, turn off Low Power Mode to autoplay

3 mobile screen mockups of an interactive symptom mockup, a molecule, and a video overlay

The Process

Diagnosing PNH requires multiple tests & chart assessments which can be hard to follow at a glance. My strategy was to leverage 3D assets to narrate the MOD (method of disease) and bring meaningful interactivity to diagnosing PNH.

Wireframes of pnh source website

Bottom Line

PNH is a lifelong disease where every life stage is extensively recorded. This new website design transformed a content-heavy research study into an easy-to-use and responsive resource.

I really appreciated the opportunity to modernize this healthcare brand and it stands as a reminder of the importance of design and usability no matter the subject.