I used to be an Experience Designer that
made architecture cool at HDR, Inc.


A collection of my UX work in architecture

Experience Design in Architecture

Strapped with a skillset in UX, 3D modeling and web design, I worked across 2 teams as a 3D Web Generalist, building wayfinding & virtual spaces for healthcare, cultural and transportation projects.

Experience Design in Architecture

Role: Experience Designer
Skills Involved: Wayfinding, 3D Modeling + Rendering, Parametric Design, Web Development
Client Types: Healthcare, Cultural Centers, Transportation

Agency: HDR, Inc.
Project Dates: 2019 - 2021

Project Categories:

Team 1

Specialty Interiors & Wayfinding
Designed interior + exterior installations, UX and wayfinding for healthcare and cultural centers

Rhino3D, Grasshopper, Enscape, Adobe CS,
Web Design CMS, 3D Printing

Team 2

Strategic Communications
Building websites for transportation projects & 3D Design for supporting graphic elements

HTML, CSS, Jquery, Adobe CS,
3D Room Builders, Rhino Compute + ThreeJS

Catholic Health | 3D Walkthrough

For Catholic Health Services, I collaborated with the Interior Design team to create custom signage at critical decision points in the hospital's lobby. Signage included a copper eyebrow at the entryway and freestanding screens.

3D mockup of all park signage with an outdoor backdrop
perspective view of garage mural mockup exterior
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