Hey! I'm Gloryah.

I'm a musician, self taught web designer, former bus driver, and video installation artist fusing art and technology into your mobile screens and daily routines.


I'm a classically trained pianist of 18 years. Music became an outlet for a shy 6-year-old girl to become a confident and expressive woman.

For 8 years in marching band I taught others to read music and learned from Pharrell's former music teacher.


I taught myself HTML/CSS in undergrad and loved it so much that I convinced my parents to let me go to Cape Town, South Africa to build 2 apps and intern at an advertising agency.

I paid for the whole trip with scholarships, family support, and my job as a student bus driver.


My 2 month trip to South Africa influenced me to discover more of my heritage and express my political frustration through video installations called The Black Virginian.


The Virginia Dept. of Transportation chose me to re-think the wireframe and design of their research library website which is used by 1,000+ employees today.


After graduating with 2 majors from University of Virginia, I'm here at VCU Brandcenter using 22 years of piano practice, travel, and bus driving to build long-lasting interaction and work that matters.