A headshot of Gloryah Allen smiling as the sun sets in Richmond Virginia
Gloryah perched in front of the UVA Drumline on the football field
The steering wheel of a commercial  bus
A crown I made out of copper called Otumfuo

With a double degree in Art & Economics and a curiosity in tech, I pursued my Master’s degree in Experience Design. I currently work at VMLY&R as an Experience Designer for pharmaceutical and food consumer clients.

I have a combined 10+ years in marching bands, metalwork and truck driving, where I’ve learned how different people live and work together and I use those experiences to make thoughtful and inclusive projects. My plan is to stay curious and dig bigger holes until they have to put me in one. Dark, yes, but boring? Never.

Due to the nature of my work, few items are public. Feel free to reach out and I'm more than happy to discuss.

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A triptych of an orange bunny jumping into a hole, looking out, and jumping out