THE BLACK VIRGINIAN is a four chapter documentary and experiential video installation of several Black Americans whose lives have been influenced or defined by the state of Virginia. All of the locations discussed are the actual locations the events occurred.

The Black Virginian presents the differentiating Black experiences from my mother and father’s side of the family such as farming, musicianship, love, and prejudice. The purpose of THE BLACK VIRGINIAN is to give the viewer the opportunity to see the varying experiences of Black people in a heightened and sophisticated manner --contrary to the majority of today’s media-- within the comfort and familiarity of American styled home videos.

View the videos and installation setup below.

Installation Setup

The documentary is partitioned into four videos displayed onto four monitors in the round. As soon as one chapter ends, the next one begins and the viewer is guided to walk counter-clockwise to experience the entire series. During the exhibit all the lights are out.

Oxo flex in front, side, and birds eye view in 3D program
Placing O's and X's on the sole of the shoe
The smooth shoe with 2 textures fabric and nylon elastic

Role: Editor, Installation Design, Videographer

Toolkit: 8mm iPhone App

Tai Pei - Live Client

Tai Pei Asian Frozen Foods was in the midst of rebranding with new flavors and a fresh look to attract target millennials. Millennials are shopping in the freezer aisle but they're resistant to explore different sections, thus unaware of Tai Pei’s bold Asian flavors.

Create an experience where the “flavor seeker” is presented with an opportunity to choose a Tai Pei frozen entree, and the reward of bold flavor is just as great.

Tai Pei "Open for Flavor" - 30 second spot

Installation Setup

A small team of us built a freestanding freezer door a.k.a. “Tai Pei Door”, which became the central focus in commercial. Starting with a screen door from Lowe's we built a jam and a free standing platform.

We laser printed a sticker for the Tai Pei logo on top and painted the entire structure, plus the gold trim.

Once completed, we transported the door to a media studio to film the commercial I brought the door to life in post-production with After Effects using motion track and rotoscoping.

Team: University of Virginia Advertising

Editor, Product Build, Storyboarding

Toolkit: After Effects, Bare Hands, Power Drills