current landscape

OXO started with a potato peeler, but now redesigns everyday items to make them simpler, easier, and more thoughtfully designed.


OXO's style involves a minimal and sleek aesthetic, silicon rubber accents, and a limited color palette of red, black, white and grey.

How can a celebrated industrial design company break into a new product category?


Design a shoe with versatile function that fits comfortably within the OXO family.


OXO flex.
Multifaceted shoe for a multifaceted you.

an orangey red star icon


3D modeling allows me to iterate different textures and colors to establish new product line.


OXO flex is a slip-on shoe with a sleek design that can be worn for different occasions and different terrains.  

how i made it

It all started with a cube.

shoe features

The exterior is made of a strong woven fabric and a forgiving nylon band that fits secure, not tight, around the base of your foot. So if your foot changes, so will your shoe.


A non-slip grip in the style of the brand's name.

oxo cushion

A soft heel cushion to relieve pressure during longer impacts.

easy pull tab

A rubber pull tab to help get your shoes on with ease.

more colors

OXO flex comes in 4 colors: Heather, Red, Black and White.

STYLE inspiration

OXO's style involves minimal and sleek asethetic, silicon rubber accents, and limited color palette of red, black, white and grey.

oxo for active people

I spoke with young people who work in different environments daily.

Sometimes they need rain boots in the morning, sneakers for babysitting, and non-slips for a waitressing job all in the same day, but they're not willing to lug all three around.


Product Design
3D Modeling




Gloryah Allen, XD