Weed is now an $11 billion industry that disproportionately benefits Whites, while Black and Brown people are 4x more likely to be incarcerated for weed related crimes.

At the same time the majority of Black and Brown weed smokers in American media only include rappers, rastas, and drug dealers.


Tensions between race and legalization have reached a tipping point. Start a cannabrand that positively puts people of color at the forefront.


High Hopes. Welcome to the Wonderful Revolution.

A chart highlighting Oxo flex's waterproof material, nylon band, and sleek design.

High Hopes Mission

We partner with Black and Brown Growers in California, Jamaica, Mexico and South Africa because we support a Black and Brown presence in cannabis culture. We're not rastas or rappers. We're not gangsters or smugglers.

We're just having fun and sparking up a Wonderful Revolution.

Our Strains

High Hopes provides native land race sativa strains from Mexico, Jamaica and South Africa.

Recent history of our respective cultures involves slave labor of food crops, so we’ve reclaimed those crops and made their flavors part of our product line, along with flavors
that reign loud in our present culture.


Land Race Strain
Acapulco Gold

Reclaimed Strain
Elote - sweet & spicy street corn

Cultural Strain
Mangoneada - mango & chili powder


Land Race Strain
Lamb's Bread

Reclaimed Strain
Sugar Kane - delightfully sweet

Cultural Strain
Coco Bread - buttery coconut

South Africa

Land Race Strain
Durban's Poison

Reclaimed Strain
Collard Greens - spicy & savory

Cultural Strain
Cornbread - mild & sweet

Our Products

We’re not just making weed to smoke, but weed for everyday life.


  • Grinder
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Matches
  • Dry Mouth Spray


  • Indica Body Balm
  • Vape Pen
  • Oil Concentrate


  • Cilantro-Lime Vinaigrette
  • Cannabutter Cubes
Oxo flex in front, side, and birds eye view in 3D program
Oxo flex with a subdivision surface, giving the shoe a smooth exterior
The smooth shoe with 2 textures fabric and nylon elastic
Placing O's and X's on the sole of the shoe
Placing O's and X's on the sole of the shoe
Placing O's and X's on the sole of the shoe
Placing O's and X's on the sole of the shoe
Placing O's and X's on the sole of the shoe
Placing O's and X's on the sole of the shoe
Placing O's and X's on the sole of the shoe

Our Stories

The packaging for each strain is accompanied with a narrative that educates people on the significance of the chosen crops.

Acapulco Gold

The 60's would be nothing without Acapulco Gold. It's a staple of American counter-culture, but it's actually mostly grown by Mexicans outside Acapulco de Juarez. Or at least the best Acapulco Gold is. The nearby beach vibes seep into the soil and make the plants happy.

Lamb's Bread

Hey, you—perfectly normal human about to do a perfectly normal thing. This is Lamb's Bread. It is one of the things that inspired reggae legends Bob Marley. It's why rastas don't get high, they elevate themselves in search of God. And what more proof of God's love do you need than a dank day ahead?

Durban's Poison

You're holding a piece of botanical history, a primordial bud from humankind's motherland—Africa. Durban Poison is a landrace strain. It's a pure strain with little human tampering and has been smoked for countless generations.

Who We Are

We're three friends taking back the narrative on recreational drug use.  We're inspired by '60s/'70s revolutionaries and radical artists like Diego Rivera and Jean-Michel Basquiat. We're not gangsters, smugglers, rastas or rappers.

We're three young people of color excited to spark a Wonderful Revolution.

Belem Medina
Mexican / Latinx

Ainsworth Kerr

Gloryah Allen
Black / Jamaican

Team: Ainsworth K. (CW), Belem M. (XD), Gloryah A. (XD)

3D Modeling, Brand & Identity, Concept, Product Design

Toolkit: Autodesk Sketchbook, Cinema 4D, Photoshop