current landscape

Shoppers are going back to the basics and retailers are reacting with “essential” collections celebrating minimalistic looks.


BB&B is known for its many options that let us find the right fit for our unique style. But their failure to adapt has left them behind.

How can BB&B prove that more products
create more possibilitIes?


Create a tool that invokes the thrill of
finding a product just for you.


BB&B Atlas.
Find a piece that speaks to you.

an orangey red star icon


Prototyping the interface and interactions acts as a visual handoff to clearly communicate design to developers.

BB&B Atlas

BB&B Atlas is a wayfinding kiosk that searches products by category or by brand.

If you’re not sure of exactly what you want, Atlas will guide you in the right direction and let you enjoy the excursion.

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meet melissa

Melissa started shopping at Target, Ikea, Walmart, etc. but felt they don’t offer a unique enough product line that lets her curate a space that feels uniquely her.


Even though Melissa forgot her usual 20% off coupon, she goes to Bed Bath & Beyond because she knows they’ll have a wider selection. Her goal today is to buy some kitchen and bedroom accessories.


Because she’s not sure of which coffee pot she’d like to buy, Melissa selects the Kitchen category section on the sidebar, selects Kitchen Appliances subcategory and adds Coffee & Tea Pots to her shopping cart.


For the last two items on her list, she knows exactly which kind she wants, so she selects the Type In function at the bottom of the sidebar. The search results show an image of the product and Melissa can add that to her cart as well.  


Melissa taps the shopping cart icon to review her list and when ready she selects the Send My Atlas button. She enters her phone number and presses the Start Shopping button. The kiosk finds the best shopping route and the Atlas + 20% off coupon is sent via text message.

Text Message

Loading Screen

BB&B Atlas Mobile


Melissa went to BB&B before they had Atlas and felt overwhelmed, confused, and irritated at the lack of forgiveness for missing coupons.

This became our opportunity to provide: 
1. A more welcoming initial entry
2. Better product search options
3. Coupons while still in store

Once BB&B Atlas was installed, Melissa is pleasantly surprised and grateful for the help Atlas has given her on her shopping trip. She leaves the store eager to return.



The outline of their iconic B became the inspiration for the unconventional screen shape.


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